About Us


I thought some of you would like to know about me. I am Shivani, the face behined Sheer Care. Want to know my story??

Grab a cup of coffee,take your seats,put your glasses on,(popcorns optional) and read my story. ;-) .......

Well,there is no such catchy story....Haha.. LONG story SHORT- i had a keen interest in nature,herbs,flowers,ayurveda, and their power of healing since i was in seventh grade. I used to grab any kind of text related to these things and would just spend endless hours gaining some knowledge. After many bad phases in life,stress and ill health i faced some skin and hair problems, as everything is inter related. As i dived more into it, i realized how much toxins we are accumulating in our bodies through the products we put on,and the food we eat is not pure either.I started doing a lot of research,learned, experimented a lot and started making skin safe cosmetics that were free from toxins and improved my health.

This craving could not stop here and kept on increasing. Along with experimenting, I did certified course in cosmetic chemistry,learned ayurvedic herbology, read a lot of texts about aromatherapy and combined everything together to make better products that could be used safely by others as well. So, i started with this small homemade venture called Sheer Care.

I get a little crazy at times as i handle everything all alone- ,from making,mixing, packing,sending, everything from scratch (not a big,talented team yet(yes, my friends and my family support and help me sometimes ;-) ). Still,I try and will always try my best to bring the best quality products and services to you. I make them in small batches to keep them as fresh as possible. I welcome you to my world,and hope you be with me throughout my journey.