Handcrafted soaps, prepared using the best selected raw ingredients (mostly fresh from the garden and kitchen). The ingredients mainly include-

*vegetable oils like coconut oil,castor oil,olive oil,mahua oil,palm oil,canola oil,neem oil,sunflower oil,rice bran oil,almond oil,etc

*butters as cocoa butter,shea butter,kokum butter,mango butter.

*Clay- red clay,french green clay,rasshoul clay,kaolin clay,zeolite clay,multani mitti,etc.

*Liquids including hydrosols,floral water,goat milk,cow milk,oat milk,fruit juice,vegetable pulp,paste from leaves and plants.(we do not like adding plain water ;-) )

* We use all the ingredients that are skin and environment friendly- NO harmful chemicals,hormone dis-ruptures or toxic elements.

*We even eliminate mineral powders like mica and iron oxides which are not considered natural by some. For coloring we use- Madder root powder,turmeric,activated carbon,various clays,fruit peel powder,vegetable powders,spirulina powder,wheatgrass powder,indigo leaves,ratanjot,etc.

*We mainly use essential oils in our soaps, some have skin safe fragrance oils and some of the soaps are fragrance free(for people allergic to fragrances),so that you can choose accordingly.

All these qualities make the soaps an all natural daily luxurious treat for your body, cleans gently without drying,improves skin texture day after day,without worrying about toxins entering your body(at least through bathing).

Have a happy bath!! :-)

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